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Modern Space V2.0 are now set to release a new EP titled Flip For It. Graham is stoked to have this new band - Sammy Nyberg and Graham Queen on guitars – along for the ride. “We’ve got a new record, new guys, and this new style that I always wanted.”

Flip For It immediately marks a great leap forward from the tenderfoot songs they laid out on Before Sunrise. Channelling influences such as the Vaccines and the Strokes – whose song “The Modern Age” inspired the first half of the band’s name – Modern Space have returned with a new album that beams with a newfound assuredness. Each and every one of the cuts feels ready for heavy A-list rotation – from “A Small Pocket,” a song the Strokes will wish they’d written a decade ago, to the soon-to-be massive sing-along anthem that is “Just Quit,” to the sleek, Motown throwback of the title track, Flip For It is a case of all killer, no filler.

For Graham, however, this move forward has all been the result of him reaching a new level of maturity. “The biggest difference is that I’ve grown up in that time [between records],” he explains. “I got to travel, so a lot of it was written outside of Toronto. I was still young when we made Before Sunrise. I was only 21 when I wrote it. Now I’m 25. This record is more just about drinking, meeting people, being outrageous and having fun. It’s faster. It’s louder. It’s a bit more bad-ass.”